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Our Vision, Mission and Values



A town where everyone has the opportunity, encouragement and support to develop a positive state of mind and bring more kindness into our community.


The Good Heart will contribute to the happiness and flourishing of the people of Frome and its surrounding areas by:

  • encouraging kindness and other pro-social behaviours

  • providing activities that explore and promote mental health and wellbeing

  • working with local partners to support health and resilience



  1. We can each take responsibility for improving our mental health and resilience, which will then have positive effects on every aspect of our lives, from our physical health to our personal relationships.

  2. Developing our capacity for kindness will have a powerful effect on the happiness and wellbeing of ourselves and of the people around us, and help to make Frome a better place to live.

  3. Offering children and young people opportunities to develop emotional intelligence and positive behaviours will have an enormous effect on their personal future and on the future of the town, particularly in challenging times.

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