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Kindness Festival Projects

We've teamed up with local organisations and volunteers to bring an extra dose of Kindness to Frome! Take a look at the exciting 2024 Projects we are working hard on...

What can the Good Heart do for me?

The Kindness Festival is designed for everyone in our community, but we know we are falling short by not offering enough for young people. We’d also love to know how we can do more at the Good Heart to occupy and entertain Frome’s teens throughout the year. Please fill out the survey and let us know what we can do for you! 

Teenagers in Nature
seed library.jpg

Seeds in the workplace

Teaming up with the Frome Seed Library, local businesses will engage in a thrilling 'Great Business Grow Off'. They’re offering free sunflower seeds to brighten up any windowsill or outdoor space, but here's the twist – it's a competition to grow the tallest sunflower! 


Frome Seed Library and Kindness Festival volunteers will deliver complimentary pots, compost, and seeds to participating businesses, encouraging them to showcase their progress on social media. Post Festival, the tallest sunflower will be crowned. After the competition, the seeds from the sunflowers can be generously donated to the seed library and be added to bird feeders.

Email to take part!

stories of kindness

Working with the Frome Writers Collective, we're excited to launch our "Stories of Kindness" project, inviting residents in Frome to share their own tales of compassion, generosity, and human connection. Whether it's a small act of kindness that brightened your day or a profound moment of empathy that touched your heart, we want to hear your story. By sharing these stories of kindness, we aim to create a platform for community members to celebrate and inspire one another through the power of storytelling.

Join us in spreading positivity and inspiration by sharing your own story of kindness. Your experiences have the potential to uplift and connect people from all walks of life, reminding us of the beauty and resilience of the human spirit. 

Email your story to or pop in to a ‘Drop in Stories Collection session’:

The Good Heart on 11th March 2-4pm

Kind Bank (HSBC building) on18th March 10am-12pm

The Blue House on 21st March 10am-12pm.

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micro providers make a difference

Partnering with Frome Micro Providers, who offer assistance to the elderly, vulnerable, and those with specific needs in our community, we're committed to helping individual Micro Providers spend more quality time with their clients. The goal is to empower Micro Providers to dedicate additional, meaningful time to connect with their clients, strengthening relationships and improving overall well-being.

kindness trail

Embark on a heartwarming journey through the charming streets of Frome with our Self-guided Kindness Trail, a collaborative effort between The Good Heart, Frome Museum and Edventure. You'll discover hidden gems and treasured spots where acts and places of kindness have left their mark throughout the years. From historical figures who gave to those in need to community orchards nurturing connections among neighbours, each stop along the trail offers a glimpse into the compassion and goodwill of Frome! 

With the Self-guided Kindness Trail, you'll not only uncover the history of kindness in Frome but also be inspired to create your own moments of Kindness. Whether it's a simple gesture of sharing a smile or lending a helping hand to a neighbour in need, each step you take on the trail will inspire you to contribute your own gestures of goodwill along the way.

So, lace up your shoes, grab your map, and join us on this unforgettable journey of discovery and connection along Frome's Self-guided Kindness Trail.


Printed maps will be available in cafes and shops around town, including The Good Heart, from the 16th March 2024.

P4620 Blue House org.jpg

fair Frome

In our third year, we're proud to continue our partnership with Fair Frome, ensuring a warm and compassionate touch to their food parcels. If you represent a supermarket or shop and can contribute flowers for this year's festival, we would greatly appreciate your support.

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