Festival Themes

The Kindness Festival will have three main themes, celebrating kindness, practising kindness and understanding kindness. To find out more about the festival see our Festival FAQ’s page or look at our event highlights here!


From birth to death, our survival and wellbeing depends on acts of kindness towards each other. Kindness is critical for our relationships, for our mental and physical health, and to the flourishing of our town. It can be uplifting to remember that acts of kindness take place all around us every day, even when the media tells a different story. And there’s now ample research to show that every act of kindness ripples out to touch countless others and can inspire them to behave in a similar way.

To include: a regular thank-you column in the Frome Times; town-wide acts of appreciation; window art as part of Window Wanderland; workshops encouraging people of all ages to make and wear kindness badges; activities at the Frome Independent; and a warm-hearted closing ceremony. 


What makes a kind person? It’s not just their acts of kindness: it’s a sense that they’re for us, that they care, that we can rely on them. It’s as if they’re in touch with an inner source of natural kindness that enables them to open their hearts and treat others as they wish to be treated themselves. A truly kind person doesn’t only show kindness to the people they feel close to but also to strangers, and when they’re outside their comfort zone, and this is invariably grounded in. This kind of genuine and spontaneous outward kindness is invariably rooted in an ability to be kind to ourselves. From childhood onwards, it is something we can all learn and practice.

To include: town-wide acts of kindness embracing all the different aspects of Frome life; free workshops on how to be more kind; and a tree-planting day to show kindness to the planet.


The word kindness is derived from ‘kin’ – a sense of being connected to each other and to the planet. Global phenomena such as climate change demonstrate how important it is to recognize our profound interconnectedness and incorporate this into the way we think, speak and behave. Radical kindness isn’t something lightweight or fluffy – it’s at the core of our flourishing and survival as individuals, as a society, and perhaps even as a species.

To include: kindness story-time for children; a ‘book blast’ focusing on the book Humankind; workshops in local schools; and a Kindness in Politics discussion event.

Want to get involved?

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