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Flowers donated by local supermarkets were added to Fair Frome food packages


Frome Kindness Festival simply couldn't happen without the enormous support we receive from groups, businesses and individuals in Frome.  These are just some of the people who have helped us this year..


ASDA Frome

Frome Flyers

Frome Printing Company

Frome Standard

Frome Times

Frome Town Council

High Pavement

Marks and Spencers

Mendip Living

Peggy, Director of Mission:Joy


Sainsbury’s Frome

The List


42 Acres

Caravan Arts

Everyone Needs Pockets

Fair Frome

Frome Families for the Future

Frome FM

Frome Independent

Frome Library

Frome Medical Practice

Hunting Raven


Tibetan Memories




Bessie Bidder

Charlotte Carson

Claudia Hammond

David Curtis


Dr Jean Boulton

Dr Nicola Grove

Eve Wa

Frome Rock Choir

Frome Street Bandits

Jackdaws Songbirds

Kerry Kirwan

Let’s Talk


Mojo Moves

Revd. Liz Dudley

Robin Bannerjee

Rupert Kirkham

Sarah Phillips


Teresa Hadland


Bennett Centre

Frome Library

Mendip District Council

Merlin Theatre

Pure Moves (Liz Chandler)

Silk Mill


Ali Towers

Alison Hogg

Amy Kolarides

Crotchet lady (Jenny?)

Sophie ??

Yurcel at FMP


Amelie ??

Annabel ??

Arlene Miller

Beck Saxon

Becky Ravenscroft

Caroline Sherrard

Chloe Raeburn

Edith Cox

Elanor Steel

Emma Le Lohe

Fi ??

French Group??

Frome College Students

Gareth ??

Gerrard Cranshaw

Helen ??

Jean Boulton

Jenny Jopson

Jen Shackleford

Jo ??

Karine Butchart

Kate Cochrane

Kevin Ross

Laisa ??

Leila Stamford

Louis ??

Luna Brudenell

Nick Petts

Noelle ??

Peter Burns

Rachel Mackay

Runa Ayres

Seanne Court

Sharon ??

Sheila ??

Steph Wahowski

Stoney Parsons

Stuart Dalton

Sue Cullip

Sue Stanbury

Tamsyn Gill

Theresa Brockway

Tina ??

Towing volunteers

Treya Creffield

Vince Tillman

Zoe ??

If you feel you are someone who has supported this year's Frome Kindness Festival but you are not on the list, please let us know.  We don't want to miss anyone out!

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