Acts of Kindness

Kindness costs nothing but means everything.

Supposing everyone in Frome found themselves cheered up in some way by the Kindness Festival. This can only happen if we all get involved. Is there some small act of kindness that you can add to the mix? Is there something magical and unexpected you’d like to set in motion? Let’s inspire each other during Frome Kindness Festival. Who knows where it will lead…

Here are a few ideas to get you and your friends started. If you’ve more to share, please add them to the Frome Kindness Festival Event Page on Facebook or drop us a line at


  • Leave a gift on a railing or seat for someone else to find
  • Pass on a book
  • Put something nice in one of the town’s Share Boxes
  • Smile at people
  • Be friendly with the people on the checkout till
  • Dispose of some litter (stay safe – use gloves or a bag)


  • Surprise someone with a cup of a tea or a snack
  • Do something helpful that you wouldn’t normally do
  • Offer someone a lift, or to travel with them on the bus
  • Cook someone their favourite dish, or buy them their favourite magazine
  • Mend something – especially if it’s needed mending for a long while
  • Pay a bill early, if you can afford to do that


  • Encourage ‘pay it forward’ during the festival (1st – 6th March 2022)
  • Put up some of our inspiring kindness posters in your window or corridors
  • Do something kind for your staff team. Show you care.
  • Offer refreshments to weary customers
  • Say ‘thank you’ to your suppliers
  • Make some surprise discounts eg 10% off for every 10th customer

FEELING INSPIRED? Join the Kindness Crew and get involved!

Join our weekly gatherings, Sundays 4pm at The Good Heart.

1-1 Festival drop-ins also every Monday 1-3pm. Details here

Kindness (noun): making someone’s heart smile, a gift that starts as a ripple and turns into a wave, the power of showing there is still love in this world.