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Kindness in a Complex World?

How to build a just, compassionate and resilient future with Dr Jean Boulton

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Kindness in a Complex World?
How to build a just, compassionate and resilient future

Following on from her talk during the Kindness Festival in March, Jean Boulton is running a series of four workshops. These will be held at The Good Heart from 7.30-9pm on the following dates:


May 15th , May 29th , June 26th and July 3rd  



The four topics that will be covered are: 

- The Science of Complexity: May 15th – what it is, what does it mean to say the world is complex, what does it imply for the way we think and act – ‘think global, act local’, small things have big effects, embracing paradox, working with ‘critical subjectivity’.

- Daoism and Complexity: May 29th– ‘the path is made through walking’, ‘the door is not always open’, spotting glimmers of change before they manifest – what does all this mean and how does it shift our beliefs and actions? 

- Being Political in a Complex World: June 26th – the creep of autocracy, the drive to win, the rise of inequality, the way things ‘lock in’ – what can we learn through ‘embracing complexity’ to help create change and engender a more compassionate, equal and resilient world? 

- Complexity, Right Brain Thinking and Personal Practice: July 3rd – what does this all mean for me, for us as individuals, for our beliefs and intentions and practices?  


Each workshop will include a short presentation on the subject by Jean, followed by time for reflection and discussion. For those interested there will be links to further reading and exploration.

The workshops will link together but will also be accessible as stand alone sessions. It will be necessary to book.

Jean trained in physics but has since morphed into the world of social science. She is lead author of 'Embracing Complexity' and is currently writing The Dao of Complexity, which connects modern science with Daoism and other philosophies, and explores what this suggests for living well in a complex world and creating a sustainable future.

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