Kindness & the natural world

Le Quattro Volte (2010) Directed by Michaelangelo Frammartino

We’re launching an occasional series of film screenings at The Good Heart on Monday 16 September 8pm with Michaelangelo Frammartino’s extraordinary film Le Quatro Volte (The Four Times).

Set in Italy’s mountainous region of Calabria, it traces the path of a goat herder’s soul, as it passes from human to animal to vegetable to mineral, inspired by Pythagoras’ belief in “four-fold transmigration” of souls. It’s an exquisite mediation on the cycles of nature.

” This extraordinary movie is…an essay, a cinematic poem, a spiritual exploration of time and space, and it’s designed to make us think and feel about the world around us and our place in it.” Philip French – The Observer 29.5.2011

We present this film to promote reflection on our relationship to the natural world. There’ll be refreshments and an informal dialogue after the film